Strings Luthier - Set 40, 30, 35
Strings Luthier - Set 40, 30, 35
Strings Luthier - Set 40, 30, 35
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Strings Luthier - Set 40, 30, 35

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Luthier's classical and flamenco guitar strings are one of the best-selling and best-known strings in the world. Their sound is very good for their price, bright and percussive, they go very well for flamenco.

World famous for being the strings of Paco de Lucia

The Luthier models 30, 35 and 40 share bonuses, the difference between the sets is in the snares, in the 30 model the snares are wound with white silver, in the 35 they are dark silver wound and in the 40 the wound is made of bronze alloy.

In terms of sound, the 30s are brighter, the 35s have more sustain and the 40s have a more classic tone