ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Andalusí Black Model
ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Andalusí Black Model
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ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Andalusí Black Model

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The Flamenco cajón Andalusí Black is designed with a particular Andalusian touch, starring the eight-pointed star, a symbol and icon that has been characteristic of the Andalusia.

A very complete and versatile Flamenco cajón, of excellent quality and with an elegant design.

Provided with our innovative and exclusive ABueno tuning system, the MCA®, which is considered by percussionists to be the most functional, practical, comfortable and competent on the market.

With parallel arrangement (II II) that provides an acoustic balance in treble, medium and bass, with a very clean definition of sounds.

All its vertices are extremely rounded, for more comfort and better ergonomics.

A complete Flamenco cajon, with excellent and brilliant treble, with enormous sensitivity, and indicated for low pulsation, but without forgetting the compression exerted by a 5-layer top, and which also has powerful and defined bass.

With this drawer you can enjoy anywhere, thanks to its good response.

Her stage presence is sublime and her elegance is remarkable.

Total height from the ground 50cm
Body measurements 48cm high, 30cm wide and 32cm deep.

Body made of 1st grade Finnish Birch
2.5mm top with 5 layers of 1st grade Finnish Phenolic Birch. Textured top, which gives us the option of creating different sound nuances just by rubbing it, and at the same time, due to its micro-texture, it helps our hands to sweat while we play.
White rubber feet to prevent slipping and better expansion for sound.

Translucent black body on birch, highlighting the beauty of its grain.

Lid with an Andalusian design on an elegant dark texture and very subtle red details that highlight its elegance.
Extremely rounded corners and vertices.
Parallel and independent system (II II) with excellent treble and round and powerful bass, due to the double rear enhancer that gives greater compression and volume.

Weight: 5kg with shipping box included.

Measurements: 55x35x35 cm (with shipping box).

Brand: ABueno Percussion.