ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon – Noble Maestre Model
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ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon – Noble Maestre Model

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Flamenco Cajon NOBLE MAESTRE

We could say that this is the largest in the family, a Flamenco cajón made for demanding musicians looking for something special, unique, of great quality, where the beauty of its finishes and the most effective innovation are mixed.

NOBLE MAESTRE, one of the family jewels, made of SOLID Tulipier WOOD, selected and combined with other noble woods, seasoned with our exclusive innovations.

Each one of these drawers has more than 40 pieces of wood, selected and combined with each other, which make it a work of art.

A Flamenco cajón, with excellent treble, which acquires greater presence and brilliance by printing more power. Its bass is well defined and low frequency. The sound texture offered by the solid tulipier wood makes it different, while defining the nuances very well.

With the addition of carrying our Rear Acoustic Control, which allows you to choose the desired frequency, volume or tone for each occasion.

A Flamenco cajón that does not leave anyone who sees it and plays it indifferent... just by looking at it, you already know that it will give you more than you expect, and that it makes you fall in love when you see all the color combinations offered by combining different woods with the tulipier. A gift that nature gives us for the senses.

Total height from the ground 50cm
Body measurements 48cm high, 30cm wide and 32cm deep.


MSOLID TULIPIER WOOD in a higher percentage, being able to use other types of fine wood to make the combinations in the body.
3.8 mm top, with 6 layers of 1st grade Finnish Phenolic Birch, with one layer and visible exterior, hand-veneered with different woods, such as Ziricote, White Ebony, Liquidambar, Ebony and Amaranth...

Each drawer is unique, because each cover will be chosen based on the combination it has with the body. (the drawers that appear in the images are some examples of the designs that we can make.)

Textured top that provides new sounds just by touching it, at the same time it oxygenates the hands when playing, offering greater speed of execution.

Body Tulipier wood and other hardwoods in their natural color.
Top made of Finnish Birch veneered by hand with different wood veneers.

A unique one, because you will never see another like it again...maybe similar, but not the same, so your drawer will be exclusive.

Parallel and independent system (II II)

Weight: 5kg with shipping box included.

Measurements: 55x35x35 cm (with shipping box).

Brand: ABueno Percussion.