ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Quejío Model
ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Quejío Model
ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Quejío Model
ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Quejío Model
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ABueno Percussion Flamenco Cajon - Quejío Model

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Cajón Flamenco QUEJÍO

An elegant Flamenco Cajón, with a naturalness that does not leave you indifferent.

The beauty and personality of natural wood, with different shades, and that make each drawer UNIQUE.

With a "strangely" sensitive and balanced top for its thickness and compression, as it is made up of 5 wood layers, one of them made of a very special wood, Liquidambar. With the best type of glue that can be used for extreme conditions, changes in temperature and humidity.

With very diverse and defined nuances, with woody-sounding trebles, excellent and powerful, accompanied by forceful bass, a cajón with great compression, comfortable to play and with a lot of punch, a lot!. And like the rest of its brothers, it has our exclusive tuning mechanism, M.C.A.® and C.A.T.®, which makes it even more versatile, being able to configure the sound you want at any time, with a simple gesture.

INCLUDES the C.A.T.® Acoustic and rear frequency control

It is a mechanism with which we control the acoustics of our flamenco cajons and with which we can change the frequency, volume and tone, to our liking. With a simple gesture we can change the height and size of the rear exit hole, in order to adjust it to the needs that we have at all times and for each musical style.

Total height from the ground 50cm
Body measurements 48cm high, 30cm wide and 32cm deep.

Body made of Birch.
Top made of Finnish PHENOLIC Birch and Liquidambar TP 3.7mm in 5 Layers.

Body in Birch in its natural color.
Top with a core in PHENOLIC Birch and finished in Liquidambar Wood in its Natural color.

Textured top to offer different sound nuances, in addition to oxygenating and giving speed to the hands.

The Cover is made with the marquetry technique, using NATURAL wood veneer, and varying the aesthetics in each of the models, making them UNIQUE! (The image that appears is an example of how it can look, since it changes according to the grain of the wood.)
Ergonomic corners and extremely rounded vertices, for greater comfort and protection.

Independent and parallel double system (II II) with excellent treble and round and powerful bass. A very clean and balanced sound.

Weight: 5kg with shipping box included.

Measurements: 55x35x35 cm (with shipping box).

Brand: ABueno Percussion.