Saetas por seguiriyas II - Flamenco and university vol.60
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Saetas por seguiriyas II - Flamenco and university vol.60

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01.El Deafness (The moon stops when it sees you)
02.Fernando Gálvez (you're pretty and from Jerez)
03.El Deafness (Holy Thursday and Good Friday)
04.Fernando Gálvez (Rock her well)
05. Manuel Moreno "Barullo" (Not even the holy Solomon)
06.The Monkey (why don't you stop him)
07.José Cascales (In the courtyard of Caifás)
08.Macanita (the veil of the temple was torn)
09.Manuel Agujetas (To the sound of hoarse trumpets)
10.El Mono (You're pretty and from Jerez)
11.Manuel Agujetas (door to door)
12.José Cascales (Why don't you stop?)
13.La Macanita (The Brothers of Calvary)
14.María Soléa (Stop).
15.Manuel Moneo (Not even the wise Solomon)
16.Juan Junquera (Death goes crazy)
17. Curro Malena (Mary, blessed mother)
18.The Monkey (You can't stand it)
19.Curro Malena (Wednesday at dawn)
20.María Soleá (Rock her, my brothers)
21.Juan Junquera (Innocent Dove)
22.The Monkey (Between Prendi and Good Death)
23.Manuel Moneo (Of your holy beards)
24.Curro Malena (Because of me)
25.Manuel Moneo (Stop it, why don't you stop it for a moment).